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Long story short,

We [bunch of it geeks connected through various projects and organizations] are about to leave the so-called "traditional" cloud computing services market and focus entirely on ML and IT-Security. What's left of that journey are our (still somewhat powerful) VM host servers that we decided to donate to the IT community.

VPSLAB is a member-driven initiative whose goal is to provide a flexible, affordable testing and development environment for its members, for the price of the infrastructure running costs.

For phase 1 servers (servers we already own), we can cover all expenses with an aggregation of ~10 members per node (given a "reasonable" data FUP and an est. 80:20-ish resource utilization). Aggregation of 15:1 should cover additional upgrades and allow an easy-in into phase 2 (adding brand new servers).

Without going into details:

Cutting profit margins out of the (t)CS equation may actually open up new, interesting opportunities for all parties involved.

The model above is sustainable.

Interconnected, FOSS-like community "clouds" may an enable new services and technologies that, for one reason or another, were unsustainable or undesired on commercial offerings.

We can generate pressure on today's CS providers (good for everyone), and even better,

I believe that we, [community-cloud] members can actually beat (most if not all of) them in terms of services and quality offered.

So, hope to see you in our members list soon ;)


Email: info@vpslab.org
Tel: +421 915 762 445


Email: support@vpslab.org
Tel: +421 915 762 445 || +421 908 040 246


#vpslab @freenode.net
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