Hi, I'm your new test environment
We give away servers . to creative people . for the price of their running costs
What's included in your membership you ask:


6x vCPU @2,93GHz

250GB ZFS dataset

1x public IPv4 (more upon request)

/24 private IPv4

REST API access

Daily snapshots (14 days data retention)

Html5, VNC & spice remote console

Unlimited traffic (FUP applies)

Unlimited number of VPS servers within your pool of resources

.. and, of course, technical support

Forgot to mention, our membership fee is 16Eur/month, incl. TAX

Servers are hosted in a Tier II data center in Bratislava, Slovakia. Geographically located on the crossroads between Budapest, Vienna and Prague, DC is connected to abroad via 4 x 10 Gbps links backed by independent providers and guarantees 99,7% availability.

All member fees are used exclusively to cover the infrastructure running costs and associated hardware expenses.

Members are asked to vote on how surplus funds should be spent(hw/services etc).

To make your journey to an informed decision as smooth as possible, we provide unlimited, read-only access to our bank account.

If you are able and willing to setup, manage and support your own hosting solution, we'll give you hardware and nw resources. Members can choose, what platform their VPS servers are hosted on. Popular platforms will get more resources, platforms with low utilisation will be replaced within 3-6 months.


We are not a commercial cloud services provider.

We can not (contractually) guarantee 99,99% availability and don't expect a fancy all-in-one management interface , unless you write one yourself ;)

We don't offer 24/7 support or an n-hour SLA. After working hours, IRC and emails, most of the time, the rest is up to you, our members.

We are a community-driven project. The quality of our services is directly proportional to your level of expertise. VPSLAB can be better than anything out there or be your new cloud-computing nightmare, and, of course, anything in between. Lets make it the first one.

If you are working on an interesting project and need your own, configurable, almost* production-grade testing environment, sign-up for membership.

Servers are allocated based on the # of registered members. For phase 1 servers, it's 10 registered members per server.

What you can look forward to?

++ Storage (your pool accessible via webdav, s3/swift APIs, CellFS & co)
++ New hardware
++ HA-enabled resource pool
++ Connectivity
++ Xen hosts (already migrated)
++ Micro(64MB RAM) & nano(< 32MB RAM) instances
++ http://unikernel.org/ testing environments
++ io/linux
++ lxd / rkt / runc, no docker-hype
++ kolab, gitlab, buildbot environment, nginx and apache-based web-hosting & more

So, to wrap it up,

We reserve the right to choose our members.

Registration is free, but painful(working on it)

if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us,

.. and yes, you can also use your VPS servers commercially ..